Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rainy day...

Yesterday the PET Scan went fine. Transpo turned out to be a FIASCO!
I had arranged transpo with Karen King, (caseworker) but at quarter to 11, my ride was still not here. Scan was set for 11 am. I was in a panic. Then Corky (a friend) showed up, so I had her drive me, and drop me off. I was sure I could get the company (called Secure) to pick me up.
The scan lasted about 1/2 hour, it was a breeze. Then I had the receptionist call Secure to come get me. I must have looked hungry, because she gave me a food voucher, and pointed me off to the cafeteria. I was starving at that point, and they have a really good cafe there. who knew?! lol
Now about an hour has gone by, still no ride. So I had the receptionist call Secure again, and she was told "we didn't drop her off, so we aren't coming to pick her up" what!!? She explained the situation and they still stuck by the "no drop off--no pick up" ugh Now what....
I had her call Corky, and she came and got me. It was like 3 pm once I finally got home. whew...bless that lady's heart for the food voucher!
No idea what happened with my transpo, someone just messed up. and I didnt contact Karen King, it would be pointless...she is on a 6 week sabatical, every other time she has arranged my transpo, it has gone perfectly. Sometimes shit just happens, it all worked out in the end.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

5th round of chemo, etc.

I had the port implanted wednesday, it was a breeze, it was sore as heck after wards, now its ok, still a little yender but no biggie.

Thursday I went for a chemo treatment. Wow, what a difference that port makes! I was hooked up to the I.V. in about 2 minutes. First they drew blood out of it for the blood test, then just capped it off and switched over to the chemo drugs, and turned on the drip. All that and just one pin prick! Awesome! The treatment took about 5 hours, I read, napped, daydreamed, etc. Didn't see Dr. Zu that day.
I have had ZERO side effects so far from this round. Well, tired muscles, but thats been a given throughout this experience.

Friday I went for the PET Scan, after going all the way there and getting all set up, a blood test determined that my blood suger was too high for the scan.

They said it was too high because of the post chemo steroids I am on, plus the one cup of coffee I had. They had told me "no solids, only fluids and medicine", last I checked coffee ain't a solid, and I have no idea what my blood suger level has to to with the scan. But anyway, the PET Scan is rescheduled for next friday the 21st.

My next chemo treatment is scheduled for 10/4, that will be the 6th one, and hopefully the last one for awhile. Hopefully Dr. Zu will have the results from next fridays scan, and discuss them with me. I predict the results will be good!

Monday, September 10, 2007

busy week...

It's going to be a busy week.
This morning I went to get blood drawn, no biggie it just took a few minutes. Suzanne took me.
Wednesday I go get the Port implanted. That should take about 1 1/2 hours. Suzanne is taking me.
I am due for a chemo treatment Thursday, but I am waiting for Dr. Zu to verify that.
Friday I go for the PET Scan. I guess it is simalar to a CAT scan, and should take about 1 1/2 hours. Geo is taking me.
And just think, last week I felt forgotten. ;-)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

No word...

I have heard no word on the port, or anything else.
I feel like they forgot about me or something....
Chemo is supposed to be every 3 weeks,
My last treatment was 2 weeks ago today.
I'm kinda stressing out on that.