Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had the MRI (June 11th) that Dr. Slattery wanted. I just saw the written report and I am frustrated...the report mentions my chest, my abdomen and my pelvis.
There is NO mention anywhere on the report of my brachial plexus, which is what Dr. Slattery wanted scanned. It is also the area where I have problems. I think my (coff-coff) GP Dr. Shein, ordered the scan wrong. She ordered a "chest mri".
So....now I get to wait, while the correct scan is ordered, and redo the entire thing.
Thats no bigger, its just an MRI. The part that pisses me off, is the waiting....I have been trying to get my shoulder problem attended to for months now....meanwhile,
whatever is going on in there is getting worse, hurting worse.
I was worried about needing some kind of surgery,
and losing function, but at this rate I hope I don't lose function before
I even get the problem diagnosed.Whatever...