Friday, August 13, 2010


We have moved to San Marco,
a city in the county of San dIEGO.
i am in paradise here! The past week has been a whirlwind; productive, exhausting and chaotic!
i have never lived in a house like this, i keep getting lost in it lol. When the guys were moving boxes in, i had marked them all,bedroom, bathroom, etc; they started teasing me..."which bedroom,there are 4! which bathroom, there are 2??" lololol!
I think i said b4, its a 3 bedroom, Geo corrected me on that, it is a 4. There is so much closet space, with shelves, A huge walk in closet in our bedroom, We are keeping all 4 cats in what i call "the lions den", until they get acclimated to being here, they are still a tad freaked out. That room is huge, it is actually 2 bedrooms, it was made into 1 room, Geo will turn it back into 2.
So that is also Dads room, he loves the cats, and its mutual.
i have a laundry room! Wait until u see my pantry, its huge! i am loving the kitchen, i never had a garbage disposal, or a dishwasher, now i have both. ;-)
it has a smooth top oven, its electric tho, cooking on that is a tad different, but so far i like it.
There is a 'kitchen nook', like a sitting area in the kitchen, which i really like.
The living room and dining room is hardwood floors, not laminate, real wood, its beautiful.
One entire wall of the dining room is a double sized sliding glass door.
Geo has a dining room table for that room, we just have not set it up yet. There is bunches of stuff to do yet.
It has a fireplace, i so missed having a fireplace, i just really like them.
It has a double door entry, with a foyer. We dont even have enuf furnishings for this house, but thats ok, ttat will come. ;-)
Did i mention the pool? Heyzeus and i have gone in every morning since we been here. He loves it AND the additional benifit to that is it totally tuckers him out, which is great, he has alot of energy, with him tired i can get 'stuff' done.
There is a park 1 and 1/2 blocks away, another one 3 blocks away in the other direction. ;-) Acroossbthe street is a park! These are not public parks, they are private property, for the residents of this community. They are all intertwined together, wth walkways, well lit, doggy waste stations, etc....
i have not gone exploring the nieghborhood much yet,
and today is the 1st day i went online, i am busy 'nesting'
oh! i almost forgot! Geo surprised me with a brand new refridgerater, it is a double door Amanda,
it has n ice maker on the door, u can choose cubes or crushed ice or cold water. U don't even have to add the water, it does it all by itself, lol, this is probably old hat to some of u, but i have never had a fridge like this, lol.
So far i have rearranged the food and the shelves in it several times.
I wake up every morning here grinning, we both do.
i am just in awe that this is our home, like pinch me u know?? ;-) i feel very blessed. This was certainly worth the wait. im so very excited still.
OH! Geos commute to work? its about 10 minutes now, thats a major plus, it changes his entire day, bf his commute was about an hour.
i could go on and on! but that enuf for now ;-)
happily barking...KC