Friday, January 11, 2008


The cough is lingering, but my lungs are clear, finally!
I saw Dr. Zu yesterday and he assured me it is just a cold. I was getting a little worried since it is hanging on so long. He said the chemo probably wacked my immune system.
My pet scan was negative for anything new, and my blood count is good. In febuary I will have 4 days of chemo; 1 day per week, for 4 weeks.
It is just to maintain my health, not to treat anything new. Now that I have this port, and know what to expect, I'm not even really worried about it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


My friend Danny, is running in Carlsbad with the CTF NF Marathon team.
The marathon team raises money for NF research.
The race is January 20th, which is also his birthday! ;-)
Check out the race page at:
Please support him if you can, and spread the word!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I had a pet/cat scan on Dec. 28th. I see Dr. Zu on Jan. 10th,
to discuss the results. This will show where the cancer stands.
In the past few weeks, I have only experienced 2 or 3 night sweats. (the #1 symptom of Lymphoma)
I have had a pretty severe cold, since Dec. 27th. At least I hope
its just a cold. I have a deep, dry, non-productive cough. My lungs are totally full of mucus, but I can't cough it up. Sometimes I can't even catch my breath. My breathing is very labored.
We almost went to the ER this weekend, but I refuse.
I could not see spending the entire day there, explaining NF2.
No was New Years day!
Yeah, I know, every non smoker in the world can say
"I told you so", but can you say addiction? Thats what it boils down to. I haven't had a ciggerette since Christmas day.
I quit. Yes I have quit before. I think I was about 15 years old when I started. I was a very heavy smoker for like 20 years.
The last 5 years have been on and off, on and off.