Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oct. bday

Well, I saw my oncologist, Dr. Zu today.
He gave me until January....
thats right, January 10th, until I have to see him again.
At that time, he will review the results of my scan
(a PET Scan, I will have mid-december) to see how I am doing.
At this point (healthwise) I am doing very well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Round #6 update

...finally huh? I've been just a tad distracted. Aren't we all?
Anyway, Dr. Zu said that my PET Scan results were good. He didn't say alot about the results, since they were not bad or showed no new growths, that explains that!
That was last thursday, the 4th, and it was my LAST chemo!!! YEAH BUDDY! I do have to go back to the Cancer Center on the 25th (my bday!) for a blood test and a consult. The appointment card also has me scheduled for chemo, but I believe that is a mistake. What Dr. Zu says goes; and Dr. Zu says I'm done.
Now for the yuck news: after Dr. Zu told me it was my final treatment, I asked him if my Cancer was in remission now. He explained to me,
"Thats a hard question....this kind of Cancer does not really go into remission."
It is my understanding, from him and from my own research, that it is more a case of this Cancer being active or non-active right now. Right now, it is non active, but I will have it the rest of my life.
In 6 months I will repeat another bout of chemo; 1 day a week, for 4 weeks. Then I will repeat the PET Scan, and see where things stand.
So......I can say that was my final treatment, for now. Let the future bring what it will.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Tommorrow will be chemo # 6 and hopefully the last one!
I will also get the results of the PET Scan,
I am just positive those results will be great!
How can they not be? I feel good, have had very little side effects from the chemo, am not symtomatic from the Lymphoma and, um, I just deserve a break! lol
Transpo is all set up, they are to take me to the Center, and then bring me home when I'm done. Hopefully transpo goes without a hitch this time.
Suzanne is going to meet me at the Center and see Dr. Zu with me.
I have a feeling that tmw will go very is good!