Saturday, November 8, 2008

More surgery....

Next week is going to be a busy week!
This appt for the lip procedure is Thursday.
It is surgery, but I'm pretty sure it is outpatient surgery.
I will find out the details on Monday, when I go for pre-op,
and to see Dr. Mehta.
Then I have ANOTHER pre-op on Wednesday,
with the anesthesiologist. Don't ask me why they don't
do both on the same day....who knows, who cares really?
I'm just glad it will be getting done!
Wednesday after pre-op I have to go to the Cancer Center,
to get my port flushed, and take a blood test.
No, I still don't know the results of my last PET Scan.
My fault tho, I just haven't asked Dr. Zu yet. Two reasons:
1. The fine art of procrastination, in which I excel at.
2. No news is good news.
If the results were terrible, and something needed attention now,
I know I would have heard from Dr. Zu.
So its all good.
I have had some pretty bad nights lately. Drenching sweats,
but not to the extreme as the ones I had when first dx'ed.
My wrist is all scabbed on both sides, from me itching in my sleep.
For no particular reason, I just scratch myself raw, until it bleeds.
According to my research, these "phantom itches" are a known problem in people with Lymphoma. Great, huh? Grooaaan.