Friday, August 24, 2007

chemo round #4

First my appt with Dr. Zu, which went like this:
(I talked to him, he used my laptop the type to me. Kudos to Dr. Zu)

Me: Will this be my last treatment?

Dr. Zu: "NO, this is 4th, you need a PET scan,
it will show if all tumor is gone.
You need two more treatments, For a total of 6.
I think you are doing pretty well. I will schedule it for you, in about 1-2 weeks.
As for the disappearing lump, it's good that you could not feel it anymore.
The PET scan will show the status of the cancer."

Me: I want to get a port. What will this entail?

Dr. Zu: "It's an iv implanted in your chest. done by the radiologist. It's an outpatient procedure. Local takes about 30-45minutes.
I will arrange this for you.
After today you have at least two more treatments.

If everything goes well,
after 6 cycles of chemo,
you will still need 4 treatments of Rituxan every six months.
For two years, 4 weekly treatments."

At first, I was very dissappointed by the 2 year thing.
But really, it makes perfect sense. I was told in the beginning that
"Lymphoma is hightly treatable, but not very cureable."
So it is my understanding, that this will be a way to maintain my health,
and keep the cancer at bay.
Plus right now I’m on 4 different drugs when I go for chemo.
In the future, I will only be on one drug, Rituxan,
I can handle that.

On to the treatment:
Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke....still nothing ;-(

The poking part isn’t so bad, but when they stick the needle in,
and then go fishing around for the ever elusive vien, ugh!
Suzanne and I actually had to go outside and take a break.
Outside in the sunshine, my viens look killer,
but then as soon as we go back in the cancer center,
they all vanish. They keep it cold in there.

Suzanne and I Thumb Wreaseled,
once back inside, and
Nurse Linda (who I'm not fond of at all)
got my vien on the first try, right where I asked her to try. yay!
Linda has redeemed herself, she can be my new favorite nurse now, lol.
It took almost 2 hours to get the I.V. hooked up.
We didn’t get out of there till almost 6pm!
Next time will be easy, I will have a port by then.
Last night was no problems at all. No heartburn, no anything ;-)
My muscles fell like I been running laps, thats to be expected tho.

Additionally, once I have the port, and have to go for my routine
NF2 MRI's, they can stick the contrast solution in the port, rather then a

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I haven't updated this because there really hasn't been much to tell.
Plus, its been way too hot to sit here at the computer.
I've been sleeping good at night, w/o the sleeping pills.
The night sweats aren't happening nearly as much as they were.
Also, near the incision site, where I had the lumps removed, there was this other lump that was a couple inches away, and was very small, but was there.
Well guess what? I was feeling around for it yesterday, and it just is not there; it's gone. I wasn't imagining it being there in the first place, I could feel it. I made Geo feel it. I made Corky feel it. It was clearly there, and now it is not. That has gotta mean the chemo is doing its thing? I will see what Dr. Zu says about this. I see him, and go for another round (ding!)
of chemo thursday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nice day....

Last night was a night sweat. I slept well tho.
Today is gorgeous outside. I took Zepplin for a nice walk, I was dragging my feet to get out the door, but once I was out there, I was glad we went.
Did us both good.
Yesterday I took the last dose of my post chemo steriods. I hate those things, but suprisingly they didn't seem to affect me the way they usually do. 'Roids usually make me physically feel like wonder woman, and mentally feel like....Sybil? hahaha Maybe my body just got used to them? Who knows?
It's nap time.....sweet dreams.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chemo: round #3

August 2nd was my 3rd chemo treatment.
Before they started the treatment, I met with Dr. Zu. We discussed how I've been feeling in the last 3 weeks. He viewed my daily log of effects, and we talked about the fatigue I've been experiencing, my lack of energy. He offered to lower the chemo dosage, which I declined. I told him I want to hit the cancer hard! I can tolerate the fatigue. He was pleased by that.
Then they started treatment, which went well and seemed to go suprisingly fast! Suzanne was with me all morning, then she left to go run errands, I finished my book, and when she returned to get me I was all done and ready to go! Quick day!
I got home just before Geo who walked in with a huge and beautiful bouquet of lillies for me. ;-)
Then at 2 am, I awoke just feeling horrible! Really bad heartburn, the kind that fills your mouth with yuck stuff (acid?) and you gotta spit it out.
Did I mention I had the hick-ups? Very persitant ones, hick-ups and heartburn are not a good combo. hahaha
Plus trying to lay in bed with this happening was not working, everytime I'd get the 'mouthful' I'd choke. So I got my blankie and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom, on the floor, leaning againt the wall, in front of the toilet so I could spit that junk out. (gross huh? well I'm trying to keep an honest record of this experience so...)
Thats where Geo found me at 5 am, snoozing in the bathroom.
We arranged the pillows on the bed so I could sleep sitting up, and placed a bucket near the bed. He left for work and I snoozed the day away.
So.....the night of the 3rd chemo treatment was by far the worst so far.
Still, things could be a whole lot worse, I could be puking my guts out and bald. But I'm not, and I still have my hair!