Friday, January 23, 2009

MRI/PET Scan results...

My MRI results.....
The thing on my thigh proved to just be a shadow!
I am clean!
I will go for 4 rounds of chemo,
starting Feb.10th.
That is 1 day a week, for 4 weeks.
It is just for maintenance, not for anything new.
I have to do that every 6 months. (minimum)
It has not been quite 6 months yet since my last chemo treatment.
The timeline and the dosage of my chemo treatments,
is determined by the results of blood tests, etc.
So....February 10th.....bring it on! ;-)
There is 1 part of the chemo that I am dreading.
After the 1st infusion of chemo, I will be on steroids for 3 days.
That will repeat, for 4 weeks....ugh...
I think I dread the steroids as much or more, as i dread the chemo.
And it will be like a roller coaster. On again, off again, for 4 weeks.
It is usually decadron or prednisone.
Both suck.
Some times neither one is included in my treatments.
What the medical reason that the steroids are part of the cocktail?
I have no idea...
and it is really irrelevant,
if Dr. Zu (my oncologist) says I need it,
that is good enough for me.
He has my utmost respect.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So tmw I am going for an MRI,
ordered by Dr. Zu, my oncologist,
so we can see the 'new' growth on my right thigh.
I can't feel or see it at all.
Dr. Zu won't speculate on what
it may or may not be.
Stay tuned.....