Friday, February 29, 2008

2 down, 2 to go

Well, what a way to start the day yesterday!
I was headed out front to wait for my ride (to chemo)
There are 2 houses on this lot, we are in the rear house.
So to get to the street you have to exit our gate, then walk up the nieghbors driveway. I got to the end of the driveway, to the sidewalk and bam! Down I went. I hate that driveway! It is unpaved and unlevel and just tretcherous as hell. Not to mention all the crap and mud from the recent rains. ugh!
Plus I can't 'wall walk' using the fence as support because they have all these potted plants along the fence.
Shit happens, I'm fine but I ripped the knee of my favorite jeans!
The day before this, I was out mowing our whats my point?
I don't know....I guess you just never know what the day will bring!
The chemo itself was uneventful.
As any NF2'er can tell you, 'uneventful' is a good thing. ;-)
March is going to be a busy month.
My next chemo treatment is next thursday, 3/6/08.
Then the following day I will have a brain MRI,
discuss the results with Dr Slattery,
and then see Steve Otto for my ABI tune up.
This will all be up at HEI in Los Angeles.
We will have to hit the road early, and it will be a long, full day.
My last appt that day (with Otto) is at 3:30, so we should be back on the road heading home just in time for L.A. rush hour. Groaaan.
Then 3/13/08 more chemo and a consult with Dr. Zu.
Then on 3/19/08 I'm going for outpatient eye surgery.
They are going to put a gold weight in my left eyelid, as it doesn't close all the way.
I already have one in my right eyelid (2004) I have been happy with it, and its just time to do the other eye.
Busy month!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

3 to go....

I slept like a rock after chemo last thursday.
And I slept most of the next day as well.
The chemo left me tired and drained.
But, no night sweats, no heartburn and best of all...
No evil steriods this time! yay!
My next chemo is 2/28/08,
next thursday.
Just pondering....Cancer vs NF2,
which one is worse? which better? They both suck!
Both can be devastating diseases.
However, the 'face' of Cancer is much more well known.
With Cancer I have found state of the art treatment centers, knowledgable nurses and doctors, caring staff, planned out management of my cancer,
and many different support systems.
With NF2, not so much.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

4 to go....

I have 4 chemo treatments coming up.
The 1st one is thursday, 02/21/08, and then the next 3 thursdays after that.
In the past week I've had night sweats ALOT, boooo, not good.
(its the #1 symtom of lymphoma)
Therefore, I'm kinda looking forward to the chemo treatments,
as it seems they are right on time to keep the lymphoma at bay.
I am not looking forward to the steroids that I assume* I will have to take after chemo. I keep forgetting to ask Dr. Zu about that, I will email him now!
* assume nothing, question everything!