Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marathon & stuff...

The trip to Vegas to support the NF Endurance Team was great! CTF had a pasta dinner the night before, and they showed a video, which thanks to Olivia, was captioned! Since I am also visually impaired, I sat with Olivia, and we watched it on a laptop. That worked out marvelous.
All of the people I met at the CTF dinner were very friendly and went out of their way to make me feel included.
Olivia ran the half marathon (13 miles) Danny ran the whole marathon (26 miles) both succeeded and completed their runs!
The run started at 6 am, before the sun was up, it was cold! We walked all over the place, I was tired of walking and freezing! As I shivered, I kept thinking of the runners, and all the different causes they were representing, and my complaints vanished.
My pictures didn't come out as good as I was hoping.I will post some of the better ones at another time.

Today i saw Dr. Zu (my oncologist) we talked about the results of my last PET Scan. He said that I do have something new on my right thigh. It was not there before but he is not sure what it is, so he is ordering a MRI to look at it better. (ugh)
My next round of chemo is in February.