Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Good - The Bad - and The Ugly!

The Good:
Yesterday, Steve Otto, my audiologist, tested me for the
Freedom BTE (behind the ear) ABI processor, and my program supports it!
This is exciting! It would mean I'd be wireless, and the entire device sits behind my ear, like a traditional hearing aid.
The best part will be not having to deal with the huge ABI processor I have now. (picture a deck of cards - only a little bigger)
Not only that, but I would have 4 different hearing programs mapped into it. With my current ABI, I only have 2 programs.
I got to walk around HEI, wearing it, to test it out, it was great!
Unfortunately, I had to give it back to Steve before I left. He is such a tease! Hopefully my insurance will cover the upgrade to the Freedom BTE, wish me luck.

The Bad:
Dr. Slattery said that the
in my brain, has shown some growth, and needs to come out. This is not a new tumor. We already knew it was there. (left upper side) He thinks the growth it has shown is the culprit behind the problems I have been experiencing with my left arm. He wants to look further at my films and discuss my case with his team, before we make any decisions on how to proceed. I will hear from him in about 2 weeks.
So, thats a bummer but it could be worse. Stay tuned.....

The Ugly:
My current ABI processor! ;-)

(Today was my 4th and final round of chemo. Treatment was uneventful - that is a good thing. Now I embark on the steriod rollar coaster. That ride should last a few days, and then I'm done, forever I hope. Remember? I'm in remission baby!)