Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Stuff....

I saw Dr. Zu (my oncologist) the other day,
not only was the cancer non-evident in my bloodwork,
he feels no need for me to have any future PET Scans.
I will go for bloodwork every 6 months, but otherwise I am
done with the whole 'cancer chapter' of my life.

I got, and am wearing my BTE ABI.
So far so good! The sounds are better with this thing.
The other day I was zipping up the zipper on a back pack,
and I heard the zipper! I haven't heard a zipper in years!
I forgot they even made a sound.
And it sounded just exactly like...a zipper! LOL
Needless to say, I sat there zipping and unzipping for a few
minutes. ;-)

Geos dad is staying with us.
His name is also George,
so I will just refer to him as Dad.
And no, if you are wondering, my Geo is not a Jr.,
he is the 3rd George in the Sotier line ;-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I finally got my BTE ABI in the mail from Cochlear,
geeez, they are slooow!
Anyway, Monday I will sent it off to Steve Otto for him to program
and once I get it back, I will be wireless!

We are going up to L.A. tmw, for Easter dinner at Marshas house. (Geos sister) Then when we come home we will be bringing Geos dad home with us,
and he will stay here indefinitely.