Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day #10

Doing good. Today is day #10 of me not smoking.
The absolute hardest time, when I really crave one, is after dinner.
After any meal I want one, but dinner is the hardest. My new addiction:
Yogurt covered raisins ;-) Very yummy, and I don't have to step outside to have one.
Monday night, I will sleep over at the Baumanns house, and then bright and
early Tuesday, we head to the airport, for our annual visit to NIH. It will be me, Craig & Garrett Baumann traveling together. Wednesday & Thursday will be MRI's, etc. I have an appt in the vision clinic, I hope I can talk the eye doc into updating my glasses prescription.
Craig & Garrett will head home Thursday night. I will be admitted to the hospital for surgery Friday. Don't worry, it is a minor surgery. Dr. A is going to remove this annoying, bothersome tumor on the inside of my wrist. Geo arrives Friday evening; they have a room reserved for him at the Safra family lodge, on the NIH campus. I heard it is nice, anybody been there?
If everything goes smooth (it will) I will be discharged Saturday, and we shall fly home. See ya next week ;-)

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Tammy said...

Congratulations of doing so well with quitting cigarettes! I know it is very hard. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week here at NIH.